Della Narn is a 10th-level female Fetchling (though she prefers the term kayal) bard/magus, played by Matthew Capodicasa. Della is Matthew's second character.

History Edit

Much of Della's history is a mystery, even to her. What is known is that her father was a Cleric of some kind and her mother a Kayal from the Shadow Plane. A falling out of some kind occurred between her parents over her growing powers. Through the course of the show more light has been shed on her past through a series of encounters with different Oracles. Her mother stopped some sort of ritual her father was attempting. However her father led her on a series of inter-planar jaunts looking for her mother.

Something went wrong though and she found her self trapped in a tree inside a Demi-plane known as the Vault of Thorns. The party rescued her from her tree, and impressed with her powers invited her to join their quest to stop the Giants.

Della has a dark side, and it has grown since Galaborous Finn's enfeebling. She has dabbled in dark magic and demon blood for it's power. This has put her at odds with Sir Willamet Keswick, and has led to issues within the party. She believes that they need to finish their goals "By ANY means necessary."

With her step towards the darker sides, she has found more common ground with Nestor Coyne.

Her and Baron Ashpeak have been close since the Vault of Thorns, and he has often called her "Lil' Deputy Della." But recently with his step towards Torag's service, that closeness has split some.

Character Sheets Edit

Level 9: