Ghostlight Marsh is comprised of slow-moving streams, pools of stagnant water, and scattered hummocks of mud and waterlogged reeds. On average, the water is 4 feet deep in most places and the terrain is notoriously difficult to traverse.

When the druids of the Council of Thorns stood against the orc hordes of Belkzen, they made their last stand in Ghostlight Marsh. Close to death and with the majority of their powers exhausted, the druids knew that defeat was imminent. But if their bodies could not defeat the rampaging orcs, then perhaps their spirits, reborn and rejuvenated, would stem the tide. Feeling they had no other choice, the Council of Thorns decided to sacrifice themselves in a powerful ritual. Reincarnated as vengeful will-o’-wisps, the Council of Thorns managed to drive the orcs from the swamp, feeding on the orcs’ terror. Although the reincarnated druids lost their druidic powers when they transformed into evil aberrations, they retained their memories of their former lives, and the will-o’-wisps have remained guardians of Ghostlight Marsh ever since.