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Grant began his D&D days with the release of Baldur's Gate in 1998. Finally, a game that had some tough choices, developed characters, and adult situations. It took another 15 years for his THAC0 expertise to pay off as he began his first tabletop roleplayingscenario, Rise of the Runelords. Of course, THAC0 is long gone, but the rich roleplaying system remained much as he remembered thanks to Pathfinder; albeit greatly enhanced by the presence of talented, living, breathing players and DMs. Pathfinder has been some of the best fun he's ever had, and he owes it all to Matt "Detect Magic" Kopel. Hailing from Texas and standing 6'4", Grant has always wanted to roleplay as something he has never been - a short gun owner. He currently resides in Queens, NY with his wife. His job is to make videos that help other people and he thinks you should consider making a donation to a charity that does the same. From Dallas, Texas.

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Barron Ashpeak

Meisyun Vanya

Dracius Opiternia