• Grenseldek (Giant female) - (DECEASED) - Former Chieftain of the Twisted Heart

As the former chieftain of the Twisted Heart tribe Grenseldek was behind the attempt to recover Agrimmosh and a stone from the tomb of Hero Chieftain Uskroth . This effort lead to the assassination of Rodrik Grath and the devestating attack on Trunau. The party was dispatched to find and kill Grenseldek as reprisal for the attack and to forestall any future attacks. Traveling to the Twisted Heart stronghold at Redlake Fort they discovered that Grenseldek had been corresponding with a giant calling himself Storm Tyrant Volstus who had rejected her offer of marriage. It is suspected that the failed attempt to gain Agrimmosh was an effort to gain favor in Volstus's eyes. After a brief but brutal battle the party dispatched the giantess.