• Lokmorr Edergun (Dwarf male) (Presumed DEDEASED) - Squire to Nargrym Steelhand who grew jealous of his master and murdered him to try and take credit for his deeds. Later slew the cleric of Torag Byrim Forgepride in an attempt to cover up his deeds. Eventually discovered, branded a traitor and locked in Nargrym's tomb.

After Nargrym Steelhand defeated the fire giant Gunderoth, Lokmorr cravenly stabbed Nargrym in the back out of spite and jealousy. Lokmorr took credit for slaying the giant himself, claiming it had killed Nargrym, and was heralded as a hero. A priest of Torag named Byrim Forgepride discovered Lokmorr’s crime and confronted the kinslayer about his betrayal and deception. Believing he might still pull off his ruse, Lokmorr turned upon the priest and slew him as well. Although Lokmorr tried again to cover up his dark deeds, he was unsuccessful, and the ruling council of Janderhoff branded his forehead with the mark of the betrayer, struck his family name from the dwarven histories, and sentenced Lokmorr to be trapped alive in the tomb of the hero he had murdered.