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Troy is the Dungeon Master (DM) for the Giantslayer Campaign on the Glass Cannon Podcast.

Troy rolled his first d20 at the tender age of eleven in the summer of 1990, bringing to life the much maligned AD&D 2nd Edition Cleric/Fighter Yort Elaval. (If you have an Intelligence score of less than 8, you may have missed that’s basically just Troy Lavallee spelled backwards.) Having caught the RPG bug from early original Nintendo games like Goonies II, Willow, Maniac Mansion and Déja Vu as well obsessing over finishing every storyline in those vintage Choose Your Own Adventure books, it was an easy transition into a world where THAC0 made sense. Other classic games like HeroQuest, Middle-Earth Role-Playing (or MERP as the “cool” kids called it) and TSR's Marvel Superheroes game soon followed. After a solid two decade break from pencil and paper RPGs, Troy jumped back in headfirst, immersing himself in the glory and majesty of Pathfinder. When not rolling crits, Troy is an actor, comedian and producer based out of New York City. Originally from Haverhill, MA, he studied Theatre Arts and English at Boston College before earning his MFA in Acting from Columbia University in 2003. After 15 years slinging drinks in clubs and bars all over NYC, Troy is now a full-time actor, stand-up comedian and freelance producer. You can check out more of his nonsense at as well as the occasional tweet @troylavallee.[1]

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Colonel Luther von Hildebrand


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