• Twisted Heart : A tribe made up of the combined Twisted Nail orc and Heart Eater hill giant tribes

The Twisted Heart tribe was formed when the Hero Chieftain Uskroth combined the Twisted Nail orc tribe and his own Heart Eater hill giant tribe in the forty-third century AR. The combined force, lead by their powerful chieftain, had great success in pushing back the Lastwall defenders and even managed to cross the Kestrel River. Their success became their undoing however as the rest of the orc and giant forces were to far behind to support the Twisted Heart advance. In time the offensive was halted and then broken by Lastwall crusaders. The final battle occured at Bloodmarch Hill where Uskroth was killed in battle. His body was interred in a secret tomb which his tribe hoped to eventually recover his body and treasures from. This never happened however as, without their leader, the tribe was unable to muster the strength to push so far south again.

The Twisted Heart of today are a fractious mix of Heart Eater hill giants, Twisted Nail orcs, and an extended family of ogres and ogrekin called the Gorbs, whom the giants and orcs subjugated. Recently the Twisted Heart initiated a massive assault on Trunau to support an attempt at recovering Agrimmosh and other items from Uskroth's tomb. The assualt was repulsed at great loss to both sides and the infiltrators were slain before achieving their goal.

The Twisted Heart are believed to operate out of Redlake Fort on the River Esk.