• Hero Chieftain Uskroth (Hill Giant male) (DECEASED) - Former Chieftain of the Twisted Heart. Rumored to be buried with his stone warhammer Agrimmosh beneath Bloodmarch Hill

During Belkzen’s campaign to breach the Sunwall in the forty-third century AR, the Twisted Nail orc tribe counted the hill giants of the Heart Eater tribe among its strongest allies. The alliance was an unusual one in that the hill giants’ self-styled Hero Chieftain Uskroth commanded the obedience of both orcs and giants. The Twisted Heart, as the combined tribes came to be known, were a force to be reckoned with, and Uskroth led the army to victory after victory against Lastwall, even claiming territory south of the Kestrel River while other Belkzen orcs were halted at the River Esk. Uskroth’s ambitions proved too great, however; without the backing of other orc tribes or giant reinforcements from the north, the Twisted Hearts were unable to hold the territory they had conquered, and they were eventually overwhelmed by Lastwall’s crusaders.

The final battle between the Twisted Hearts and the humans took place on Bloodmarch Hill, where Hero Chieftain Uskroth finally fell with 23 spears and swords planted firmly in his flesh. The few surviving Twisted Hearts managed to temporarily drive the humans back south, but both the orcs and hill giants knew their campaign was over without their mighty leader. Before the Twisted Hearts retreated north, they laid Uskroth to rest in a tomb beneath Bloodmarch Hill, burying the giant hero with his favorite weapon, a stone warhammer named Agrimmosh, which Uskroth had claimed was the hammer of Minderhal himself. The subterranean crypt was carefully hidden so that in the future, when Belkzen pushed Lastwall back again, the orcs and giants could reclaim the treasures within and the glory of Hero Chieftain Uskroth.

It is believed by most scholars that Trunau actually rests on what was once known as Bloodmarch Hill.